You Know:

The next generation is rejecting Christian faith at an alarming rate.

You Suspect:

The problem is not what’s happening at church but what’s NOT happening at home.

You Can:

Inspire and equip busy families to become intentional at home one step at a time.

The Three-Part Strategy


Make It Easy

A campus and web HomePointe Center provides families with bite-sized intentionality for every family life season and situation

Make It Likely

Increase the probability your families will become intentional with integrated campaigns 2-3 times per year and birthday-driven kits for parents, designed to inspire them to adopt Faith@Home habits.

Make It Happen

HomePointe Partner churches get access to customizable tools needed to deploy HomePointe at their church - but they also have access to step-by-step implementation coaching along the way.

Learn family ministry best practices

Sample family discipleship app

Discover the HomePointe Model