Thanksgiving is often many people’s favorite holidays for many great reasons: good food, time with family, and football. In the midst of stuffing our faces full of turkey and watching game after game of football, we may come to realize that we missed it — a time to make Thanksgiving meaningful and intentional with those we love? How can we make this Thanksgiving mean more than just turkey and football. Here are a few ideas for you and your family:

  1. Show and Thanks 
    Create a more meaningful time of sharing what you are most thankful for. Ask each member of the family to bring one item that represents what they are grateful for this year.  It may be as simple as a good report card or as impactful as a hospital bracelet from a successful surgery or baby’s birth.
  2. Thanksgiving Table
    Designate a particular tablecloth for your family Thanksgiving celebrations. Provide fabric markers where guests can record their “gratitudes” or special prayers for the year ahead. Ask your guests to sign and date each message, as you’ll be using the same tablecloth year after year.
  3. Thank You Notes
    Set up an area with paper, pens, and colors for everyone to write thank you notes someone who has blessed them in some way this year. They can thank family members, friends, or teachers. They can also write a thank you to God. Younger children can draw pictures. Let everyone who wishes read their notes aloud during the meal.
  4. Thanksgiving ABC’s
    Play a fun game with the ABC’s and thanks. Start with saying something that you are thankful for that starts with the letter “A” and go through all the letters of the alphabet. Have members take turns or have each person share a “thanks” for each letter.
  5.  Thanksgiving Blessing Cards
    Write each person’s name across the top of a card. Set these cards out and have everyone write something about that person for which they are thankful on the back. During dessert, gather the cards and take turns reading and blessing each person at the table.

These are just a few fun and faith-filled ideas for families to grow closer together this holiday. Do you know any fun holiday activities for the family on Thanksgiving? Feel free to comment and share!

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