Drive Faith Home App FAQ’s

Drive Faith Home App FAQ’s

What is the Drive Faith Home app?

A: The Drive Faith Home family discipleship app is a free gift from your local church when they provide you with an invitation link. It is designed to inspire and nudge you to create a strong family by giving yourself a check-up and creating a simple action plan three times per year. Plus, birthday reminders prompt parents to start the right Faith Path step for each child at the appropriate age. To explore how your church can provide the Drive Faith Home app and other tools to the families of your church visit

How do I download the app?

A:  From your mobile device, click on the unique invitation link you received from your church to be automatically redirect to the Apple App or Google Play store to download the Gloo platform app. Once the app is installed, users will be directed to create their user account and get started right away.

Why does the app icon say gloo?

A:  Gloo is the leading-edge platform used for the development of the Drive Faith Home app. Once the gloo app is installed and opened, you can select the Drive Faith Home champion icon to get started.

I’m in the gloo app. How do I find my Drive Faith Home content library?

A:  The link received from your church should take you directly to the Drive Faith Home experience when you first download the gloo platform.  Go HERE for a quick demonstration of how to swipe through the gloo app to find your Drive Faith Home content.

What do I do if I’m still having trouble or the app doesn’t seem to work on my mobile device?

A:  Visit the Gloo support page at for further technical support.