Vision Kit

Digital Family Season Tools

We provide links and access passwords for your church website that inspire and equip families with life-season specific tools. Topics include every Faith Path step and key family transitions and challenges. One more way to make it easy and more likely your families will become intentional at home.


Digital Vision Kit

STEP ONE – MEETING REQUEST: Ask for a 30-minute meeting with your pastor, board, and/or team. Promise to keep it brief and high-level. Provide each invitee with a copy of The HomePointe Model: Is it Right for Your Church?.

STEP TWO – MEETING PREPARATION: Be sure to watch the video and preview the booklet so you can quickly and effectively answer any questions during the meeting. If you would like sample of the various tools for the presentation, you can order our Full Vision Kit below.

STEP THREE – MEETING PRESENTATION: Use the short video overview and booklet to cast the vision for customizing the HomePointe model to create a culture of intentional families at your church. Honor your commitment to stick to 30 minutes unless the leader asks you to go longer.

STEP FOUR – MAKE THE ASK: Be sure to close the meeting with a clear request for decisions as references at the conclusion of the video. If the leader is not ready to decide, ask what questions need to be answered in order to reach a decision and request a follow-up meeting to do so.

Full Vision Kit

To go deeper, we encourage you to get the full vision kit, which includes the It Starts At Home book, sample materials, a $100 credit toward full implementation, and a one-hour phone consultation with one of our coaches.

View and purchase the Full Kit here

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