You may have thought it… “Family Ministry” = “Children’s Ministry”

Unfortunately, when church leaders hear “family ministry” they typically limit their thinking to “children’s ministry.” As a result, very few develop high-level strategies to drive marriage or parenting intentionality.

Research indicates that the decline of strong families means we are swimming in different water than in the past. Even the more conservative estimates tell us we are becoming a nation of unbelievers as fewer people associate themselves with any form of Christian faith.  Be careful to use only credible studies, since many reports lack veracity. The situation is bad enough without overstating the numbers.  Fact is, most self-described unbelievers in this country are former church kids.  Only about half of those who attend church with their parents remain active believers as adults.

Most churches affirm the priority of faith at home, but they struggle to develop workable strategies.

Ask your leadership team to honestly assess which of the following best describes the present reality in your church:

Just Starting: We are just beginning to craft a vision for families in order to get these issues on our leadership team radar screen. Moving Forward: We have begun changing existing or creating new programs that will move.

Moving Forward: We have begun changing existing or creating new programs that will move family from a third tier to a second or first tier emphasis.

Full Throttle:  We have launched a senior leadership team initiative with the goal of developing an integrated strategy for driving faith into the home.

As you consider your next steps, we encourage you to glean from the collective wisdom of other innovative leaders at  You may also wish to review the 10 Best Family Ministry Moves compiled by the Strong Families Innovation Alliance.

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