Free Access

Dear Church Leader:

To help you strengthen your families during these days of Corona virus isolation we are granting you free access to some of our most popular faith@home tools for the summer. Just submit the form below for your free access to these tools:

Summer@Home:  Packed with simple and fun ideas for families to connect in fresh ways, even if they can’t leave home this summer.

Stuck@Home Marriage Dates:  Great ideas for couples to draw closer to one another with date nights at home

Stuck@Home Parenting:  Fun and easy ways parents can engage their children and teens at home, including…

  • Parent/Teen Movie Chats
  • Mealtime Conversations
  • Bedtime Blessings
  • Family Activities

Intentional Grandparenting:  Creative ideas for grandparents to engage and invest in the next generation.  Age-specific strategies for parents to shape the faith of their children

Request free access and then send your people an email with the relevant links. It’s that simple.

Our content partners have generously agreed to waive royalties on these fantastic tools during these difficult days so that your church can bless your families.