Did you know that Google offers up to $10k per month in advertising value grants for non-profits? The grants can be used for pay-per-click ad campaigns, a nice option for churches with little budget for advertising to reach young families or to expand the reach of churches that do.

There is a strict vetting process employed by Google to ensure that every non-profit meets its eligibility criteria. We partner with Missional Marketing to provide expertise and felt-need content that enables churches to leverage Google Ad Grants to reach busy families. They have built custom tools to help you assess if your church is currently eligible, and if not, the reasons why. If your church is currently eligible but there are steps you must undertake before beginning the application process, you will be informed of that as well. 

Learn more about how your church can access up to $10,000 per month in ads using felt-need content to engage busy families by visiting this page about multiplying your Google Ad Grant effectiveness.

Connect with our team at www.drivefaithhome.com. We’d love to show you how hundreds of churches of every size have implemented our proven model using customizable templates.  


Kurt Bruner
Founder, HomePointe Inc.